Basbaum Lab @ UCSF

Primary Investigator

Allan Basbaum, PhD Professor & Chair, Department of Anatomy Allan [dot] Basbaum [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Administrative Support

Linda Toschi-Chambers Executive Assistant linda [dot] toschi-chambers [at] ucsf [dot] edu

I assist several labs at UCSF in Anatomy and Physiology. My passions are travel, art, photography and all things Italian!

Current Lab Members

Andrew Crowther, PhD Postdoctoral fellow
NIDR F32 fellow
andrew [dot] crowther [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Biafra Ahanonu, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow
HHMI Hanna H. Gray Fellow
biafra [dot] ahanonu [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Investigating neural circuit and molecular mechanisms of spinal cord to brain pathways involved in pain processing.

Cindy Liu, B.A. Graduate Student
cindy [dot] liu [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Élora Midavaine, PhD Postdoctoral Scholar
elora [dot] midavaine [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Jarret Weinrich, PhD Postdoctoral Scholar
jarret [dot] weinrich [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Studying the neural mechanisms of general anesthesia induced analgesia.

Joao Braz, PhD Scientist
Joao [dot] Braz2 [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Jorge Benitez, BCs Junior Specialist
Jorge [dot] benitez [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Julian Motzkin, MD, PhD Postdoctoral Researcher
Pain Medicine Fellow
julian [dot] motzkin [at] ucsf [dot] edu

I am a clinician-scientist and recently minted neurologist interested in central mechanisms underlying the aversiveness of chronic pain. I am currently completing a one year Clinical Pain Medicine fellowship at UCSF. In the lab, I use calcium imaging to interrogate projections between prefrontal structures and brainstem nuclei implicated in antinociception and escape.

Karnika Bhardwaj, M.Tech Assistant Specialist
karnika [dot] bhardwaj [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Larry Carbone, DVM, PhD Research Associate

Madison Jewell, BS Junior Specialist
madison [dot] jewell [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Mariela Rosa Casillas, B.S. Graduate Student
mariela [dot] rosacasillas [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Marlys Fassett, MD, PhD Assistant Professor

Sakeen Kashem, MD, PhD Postdoctoral Scholar
sakeen [dot] kashem [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Sian Y. Rodríguez Rosado, BSc Junior Specialist
sian [dot] rodriguezrosado [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Soha Chhaya, PhD Postdoctoral Scholar
soha [dot] chhaya [at] ucsf [dot] edu

Xiaobing Yu, MD Assistant Professor

Former Lab Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Students